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Ms. Bartee has been my attorney over the past few years during a difficult divorce and with custody issues. Ms. Bartee is fair, honest and tough in court. She knows her stuff and truly will give her all to support your case. If faced with legal issues, there is no better person out there to have on your side. I would highly recommend Ms. Bartee to anyone.


I would recommend Holly to anyone looking for an exceptional lawyer that will fight hard for the well being of their children.

Brent Tanner

I hired Ms. Bartee based on a referral from a friend who highly recommended her. From my first call to schedule a consultation, I was impressed by her staff’s courtesy and sense of urgency to meet my needs. Ms. Bartee is honest, upfront and gives you the nitty gritty truth of the justice system and what to expect. Ms. Bartee is very experienced with family law and is a seasoned attorney who leads with confidence and knowledge, which gives her great power and distinction in the court room. She guided me through every step of my divorce and was very level headed in the midst of a very emotional time for me. She is very fair with negotiations and will tell you up front if your expectations are unrealistic. She did a hands down phenomenal job on my case and advocated for my requests. I came out of what could have been a potentially devastating outcome, with victory. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! I would definitely recommend Ms. Bartee if you're ever faced with the unfortunate reality of divorce or any family law matter.


I hired Holly to gain 50/50 Parenting Time and Joint Legal Decision Making of my two boys. My previous lawyer recommended her for being tough and consistent in winning cases against opposing parents who are unreasonable. Thanks to Holly and her level headed eye for flaws in the opposing counsel's arguments along with her knowledge of the lawyers, judges and other resources, we were able to put together a strategy to win against some of the most aggressive curve balls we could have anticipated She was quick to act when needed and reassuring when there was a need to be patient. I would recommend Holly to anyone looking for an exceptional lawyer that will fight hard for the well being of their children. Thanks to Holly, we won our case through a settlement that I would never have imagined possible before hiring her!


Holly has made such a difference for my family. With her experience and wealth of knowledge, she made the adoption of my son a reality. When my ex-husband and I were divorcing, Holly made it a smooth process and made sure that I stayed informed every step of the way. It was a relief to know that I had someone on my side that could confidently navigate the legal system. Through the hardest times of my life, Holly was there to reassure and guide.


First off, Holly was confident and highly knowledgeable in navigating her way through the system with her years of experience. She had total command throughout the whole trial and was trusted by the opposition's counsel. Above all, she listened to what goal I wanted to accomplish. She spoke to me in a language I can understand and explained the things I didn't. Holly knew her numbers very well and never got lost. She gave me valuable and sound advice. It may sound obvious but I've had other legal counsel that got lost during these proceedings. Most important, Holly kept in mind what the best interest that would serve my son and my ability to provide for him. I am pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Holly Bartee. I also recommend an initial consult to make sure she fits your legal needs.


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I have recommended Holly Bartee to multiple family members and friends who need legal representation. She handled my divorce seven years ago and then an adoption of a foster child for me a couple of years later. When there were some lingering problems with the ex this year, I needed to go back to court. I decided to enlist her help again, and Holly remembered details from hearings and encounters from my divorce that only someone who is truly committed to my cause could remember. She has a memory like an elephant. She was ready and willing to back me up again. I have so much confidence in her to get things done efficiently and with expertise. She knows the legal system and our rights inside and out. My job has been to provide her with information, and hers has been every other detail. When you are in that place where it seems as though your world is falling apart and you are about to lose everything, Holly is the one you need to help you get what's fair. She knows the judges who listen to your case. In fact, I've heard that she has taken turns sitting in their position. Her wisdom and knowledge give me the peace I need when I'm going through hard times. I trust her so much that I recommended her to my daughter when she was having to go to court about a foster grandson who they were having trouble adopting. I can let go of control and worry while Holly is representing us. She understands that we aren't made of money, too. She makes every effort to keep costs low for her clients. I have zero negative things to say about Holly Bartee. I don't hesitate to give out her name and number the moment I hear that someone needs an attorney.


Holly did an excellent job in handling our case with DCS. It was an extremely complex situation which required a wealth of knowledge, patience, diligence and STRONG advocacy. She guided and supported us through very trying times right through to the subsequent adoption, which was our goal. We would highly recommend her services to any and all!


Holly Bartee handled my divorce of 20 plus years and was excellent. I highly recommend her services, and have already done so. My divorce was complicated, and she was thorough, straight-forward and empathetic during a very emotional time. Holly is extremely knowledgeable, and explained every aspect of the process, as well as possible outcomes. I was informed every step of the way, and she worked quickly toward a resolution from the opposing party. Her execution was excellent, and we were well prepared at every step. Holly Bartee was my second lawyer. I am so glad I found her.

Cathy S.