An alternative to family law litigation is mediation. Ms. Bartee can act as a neutral buffer between each side of a conflict to help resolve the dispute together in a settlement.

There are many advantages of family law mediation
The trial of a family law case can take days or even weeks. An effective mediator can assist you in resolving your issues in the shortest time possible. Conflict between parents can be one of the most damaging aspects of divorce for children.

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Mediation Advantage
Mediation offers control over how decisions are made and the terms of the divorce. Settling the dispute out of court can be very beneficial for children and reduces the emotional strain on the parties. A mediator can help both of you communicate in making important decisions without the hurtful emotions that typically occurs in court proceedings for family law litigation.

All discussions and tentative agreements are strictly confidential in a private divorce mediation. This makes it safe to propose different solutions for consideration. This process can lead to new solutions neither party had previously considered.